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News » Finally, I see the Titans are for real

Finally, I see the Titans are for real

Finally, I see the Titans are for real
Adam Best and the rabid football fans at Fan-Sided Blogs will weigh in with the perspective from the bleachers, couches and sports bars after each week's games.

The Tennessee Titans rocked their Smurf unis Monday night, but they also finally rocked their archrival Gargamel -- the Indianapolis Colts. The biggest reason? Papa Smurf, aka Jeff Fisher. For the first time, his Titans, not the Colts, were the favorites. The nation tuned in to see if his 6-0 team was for real, or rather simply a byproduct of a schedule softer than the hefty human race of "Wall-E." It was a statement game, and Fisher made sure his team delivered. In one fell swoop, the Fisher King's squad re-corked the premature bubbly of the '72 Phins and became the new bully of the AFC South.

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Coming into the game, I think every sofa signal caller in the country wondered how good these Titans truly were. If football was art, I might have called the Titans a rip-off. Upon first glance, the painting was impressive and appeared to be authentic, but upon further examination I wondered if it was nothing more than a cheap fake. It wasn't. I now see a masterpiece; a work of art that might not have you at hello, but impresses you more and more over time. Eventually, you see a brilliant, funky concoction that adds up to be more than the sum of its parts.

Actually, the Titans more closely resembled the rip-off than the masterpiece for much of Monday night's big game. Sorry, LenDale White, but early on the only Thunder came from the home crowd. All the offense could muster early was field goals, and even the always trusty Rob Bironas missed one of those. On the other side of the ball, the Titans' defense had no answer for the Peyton Manning-to-Dallas Clark connection. On one play, Jeff Saturday made Albert Haynesworth look like he was back playing on Saturdays. Dominic Rhodes even did a pretty damn good Joseph Addai impersonation there for a while in the third quarter.

The Titans were down and the Colts were looking pretty good. I had serious doubts as to whether a Titans team accustomed to pounding patsies could manage a comeback against a playoff-caliber NFL team. Boy, they told me and all the other doubters out there exactly where to stick our doubts. By the end, we all saw the masterpiece.

Over the course of the game, there were several moments that exemplified the qualities that make the Titans so formidable. After a clear Chris Johnson fumble early in the game, the zebras ruled Johnson down. Coach Fish and Kerry Collins rushed their team up to the line before the Colts could challenge. Later on in the game, the Colts got aggressive and ran on fourth-and-short in the middle of the field. The Colts found out that their strictly finesse offense was no match for the Titans' strictly business defense.

The Titans also didn't have any huge, backbreaking plays either. Well, that was true, until Johnson broke off a sizeable diving touchdown run late in the game. That happened because Fisher stayed poised and refused to panic and abandon his gameplan. He also displayed his confidence in his team when he went for a two-point conversion down 14-12 with plenty of time left. In turn, his team responded with confidence and poise of its own and grinded out a victory.

The Titans are a team without any superstars. Before the big win, when people thought of the Titans, they thought of Haynesworth's infamous face-stomp, Pacman Jones' pillaging and Vince Young's 24-hour suicide watch. After Monday night's breakthrough victory, we'll all now think of the 7-0 Titans as the best-coached team in the NFL and the odds-on favorite to rep the AFC in the Super Bowl. They might not have any stars, but unlike the Grand Ole Opry the Titans don't need stars to be the best show in Nashville. I suggest you buy tickets and check out Coach Fish's masterpiece.

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