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News » Gonzo: Brickbats fly at No. 5

Gonzo: Brickbats fly at No. 5

Gonzo: Brickbats fly at No. 5
While I ponder why $80 million doesn't get you more for your money these days, it's time to look inside the e-mail bag. . . .

McNabb personally did well enough to win the NFC Championship game. It's a lot to expect that a quarterback will get his team down the field in three minutes and score a touchdown. - Kerry Kerry,

You're right. It's a lot to expect. But that doesn't mean it's impossible.

What bothered me about McNabb's comments was that he kept saying the Eagles were up 25-24 against the Cardinals. He made it sound like he had already won the game - even though Arizona marched down the field to take a 32-25 lead.

I'm OK with failing. I'm not OK with pretending like you won the game when the game wasn't over.

- Gonzo

Simply put, McNabb chokes in the big game. As long as McNabb chokes, the Eagles will never win the Super Bowl. - PC


Joe Banner would be so disappointed in you. He remains convinced that McNabb and Andy Reid can win a Super Bowl. So there you have it. Make sure you take off from work so you can attend the pending parade.

- Gonzo

Does it ever get tiring when you perpetuate the stereotypes in the national media about why McNabb has it bad in this city? Truthfully, McNabb cannot win here. - Andy Andy,

I agree. McNabb can't win here. That's partly due to people like me who jump on him when he says something I disagree with. I'll cop to that. But it's also partly due to his awkward style. He fails to connect with part of the city for the same reasons that he hasn't always connected with his teammates - he says things that can be grating or strange, and he periodically (and willfully) distances himself from the crowd.

But does it get tiring? Not really. I write from home. Naps are part of the daily routine.

- Gonzo

The interest in the Sixers is about a mile wide and an inch deep. Everyone knows they're going nowhere - with or without Elton Brand. - Jerry Jerry,

It's a shame. I was fully behind the Brand signing, and I thought the Sixers would reach 50 wins this season. Now, instead of comparing them to the Celtics and the other elite teams, we're forced, once more, to wait for next year. That gets tiring.

- Gonzo

You sound like a Monday morning quarterback [on Brand]. Interested in writing about Raul Ibanez tomorrow or do you wait till November to make your MLB predictions? - CST CST,

That's absurd. I won't make baseball predictions until Christmas. You can't rush these things.

- Gonzo

Thanks for your review of Puppy Bowl V. You have guts. You're probably the only sportswriter who mentioned this extravaganza. - Russell Russell,

No doubt my peers are jealous. Covering the Wing Bowl and the Puppy Bowl in the same week is the kind of "courage" that makes you the envy of serious journos everywhere.

- Gonzo

Serious mistakes can come back to haunt you. Michael Phelps?will lose endorsements because he broke the law! - Frank Frank,

Deep breath. Kobe Bryant was tried for rape, and Ray Lewis was involved in a murder case. Both have refurbished their images and are doing well on the endorsement front.

In the long run, Phelps will be fine.

- Gonzo

I'm glad there?were no such things as camera phones when I was 23.?But if Phelps' desire was to "disappear" after the Olympics, he shouldn't have put his name on all those contracts. - Robert Robert,

Hard to argue. It's tough to disappear when you're whoring yourself to the highest bidder.

But you bring up a better point: Why isn't anyone talking about the scumbag who covertly snapped the picture and sold it for cash? I understand that Phelps is a public person, but the whole "gotcha" component felt slimy.

- Gonzo

Bud Selig has taken MLB's profits to?soaring heights. Contrast?MLB's financial performance with that of The Inquirer, where it takes three?writers to produce one witless [Talkin'] article. Have you guys?distributed your resumes yet? - John John,

Have we?! Every burger joint in the tri-state area has us on file. I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm optimistic.

- Gonzo

I don't get the whole competitive eating thing. Are people that bored that they want to watch someone gorge [himself] with hot dogs or wings? - John John,

I don't have enough space left to explain the allure of watching a 280-pound man called "Gluteus Waximus" devour 80-something wings. It would be like teaching you about quantum physics. It takes years to understand something so complex.

- Gonzo

Do you have a Web address for this SportsWit' Travel Agency? I can't find any site to book this trip. - Ed Ed,

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders package is real. But you'll have to book it through another agency. Due to the struggling economy, The Inquirer has been forced to shutter SportsWit' Travel. We've also closed SportsWit' Used Cars, SportsWit' Real Estate and SportsWit' Savings & Loan.

Good news, though: SportsWit' Gentlemen's Club is still open. "Cinnamon" (a.k.a. Bob Ford) hits the stage at 11 p.m.

Bring a wad of singles. The man doesn't dance for free.

- Gonzo

Contact columnist John Gonzalez at 215-854-2813

or gonzalez@phillynews.com.

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: February 8, 2009

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