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News » Maybe Romo isn't Dallas' golden one

Maybe Romo isn't Dallas' golden one

Maybe Romo isn't Dallas' golden one
They were left for dead.

They, the critics in this case, were incorrect.

They, the former, dear pals, are the Philadelphia Eagles, whom Philly media-types and most folks prescribed as "in-the-know" had them stuffed, formaldehyded and mounted, presumably because of their ineptitude and easy access to those bent toward piercing stationary prey on a dartboard.

They couldn't possibly work their way into the playoffs. Can't do it. Fifteen weeks of inconsistency couldn't possibly equate into a January game.

Until the mirror -- if not model -- of inconsistency rolled into town.

Enter the Boys from Valley Ranch. Those who are close to my ear know I've been a pretty consistent supporter of Tony Romo's work, the way he has tried to establish himself as an exciting, new-age general of an offense that has the league's most formidable weapons.

This latest, and last effort of 2008, however, has changed my mind. Team-wise, the Cowboys' effort on Sunday was unquestiona bly pathetic. Romo, with the Brett Favre-like tendencies and oft-times Favre-like results, wasn't the lone cause of the embarrassment, as our friend Terrell Owens alluded in his postgame tossage-of-pals-under-the-bus. But Romo didn't cut it, not at all.

Sure, the NFL is a tough league. It is the greatest talk-generating, revenue-pumping, exciting professional sports franchise this country has enjoyed. A quick call to Roger Goddell will affirm that. If that doesn't work, just ask the networks, who are stacking cash on the NFL coattails.

Still, Dallas' Sunday display of professional Football reeked. Uninspired play, dropped passes, passes that didn't need to be delivered, lack of tackling ability, scrambling with no clue of who might or might not have been blocked behind you, reckless abandon with no purpose, failure to protect the ball and, of course, turnovers.

An acquaintance of mine suggested, under no uncertain terms, that the aforementioned Romo was, and is, the ROOT of the problem. He mentioned Dallas quarterback greats of the past who prevailed -- nay -- prospered, with such surrounding talent. I balked, at first, opting to cite the all-star talent that surrounded the likes of Staubach and Aikman and those who have fared better than Romo.

Yet considering Romo's performance in games of such import, such as Sunday's log into to the latest Greatest Of All Time Disappointments, Dallas Version -- GOAT, DV -- it is difficult to dispute my acquaintance's charge.

Sure, T.O. drops more balls than Times Square. He is a mouth that needs a Shaq-sized sock. He also is one of the league's most talented receivers. So is Roy Williams. Jason Witten? His rep is beyond reproach, especially considering his effort during the latter stages of the season when he was hobbled. Patrick Crayton, Marion Barber, Tashard Choice and, when healthy, Felix Jones? Stars in the making. The offensive line is solid. The Dallas defense ranked eighth in the league before the Eagles went off.

There is no coaching change looming, according to the boss man. Everyone claims, the pieces are in place.

The thought here is that the braintrust doesn't have the formula messed up. It just needs a tweak to the mixture and a whole lot of people need to shut up and put up. Romo, with South Texas ties, just doesn't seem to be the answer under center, not unless he starts showing Favre-like props.

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Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: December 30, 2008

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