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News » Minnesota Vikings report: Brad Childress stands by his play calling

Minnesota Vikings report: Brad Childress stands by his play calling

Minnesota Vikings report: Brad Childress stands by his play calling
Vikings coach Brad Childress had no regrets about declining a 10-yard holding penalty midway through the first quarter.

With the game scoreless, Philadelphia center Jamaal Jackson was flagged for holding at the Vikings' 26-yard line. Instead of taking the penalty, giving the Eagles a third and 18 from the 36, Childress elected to let David Akers attempt a 43-yard field goal, which he made.

"The point is, they would have played the down again," Childress said. "You're basically giving something to get something, and nothing says that you're going to stop them for zero yards and it's going to be a 52-yard attempt.

"It's glass half-full, glass half-empty."

Akers' longest field goal this season was 51 yards, which he matched later in the quarter. But Childress was told by one of his special-teams staffers that Akers could make the kick from 52 yards in the climate-controlled Dome.

Childress' lament?

"I kick myself for not quarterback sneaking and punting to DeSean Jackson and then having him bring it right back to the spot where it would have been, had we gotten stopped on fourth down," Childress said.

He was referring to the play on the previous drive, when Chester Taylor was short on a third and 2 from the Vikings' 28. Minnesota elected to punt on fourth and 1, and Chris Kluwe's 60-yard punt was returned 62 yards by Jackson to the Vikings' 27.

Childress, though, also was asked about his thinking late in the first half after Cedric Griffin intercepted a pass at the Vikings' 13.

With 70 seconds remaining in the first half, Taylor attempted a run that gained nary a yard.

"We were deep in our own territory, and we had one timeout, if I'm not mistaken, so what you want to do is you want to try and hit a play if you can. And then things get different if you can get it in or around the midfield stripe or minus the 40-yard line," Childress said. "At the same time we wanted to see how they were going to play with their timeouts. If you want to run out the clock, you run it three times in a row."

The Vikings, though, did not hurry into their next play. Then, Jackson attempted a short pass to receiver Bobby Wade. The incomplete pass saved the Eagles their final timeout, which they used after Taylor gained just 3 yards on third and 10.

Jackson returned the punt 13 yards, to the Eagles' 44. But the Eagles were not able to get into field-goal range.

Frerotte's future: Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte watched from the sideline, wanting to help in what might have been his final NFL game.

Frerotte must think about whether he will continue playing professional Football, perhaps returning next season to compete for playing time with the Vikings, if given an opportunity. After 15 years in the NFL, retirement could be a possibility.

"I haven't even thought about it yet," Frerotte said of his future, not long after Sunday's game. "Right now my wife's pretty excited that I actually get to come back to St. Louis for more than a day. I haven't thought about any of that. I'm just going to enjoy my time off now and go back and regain a little bit of my life that I've missed for seven months."

Frerotte led the Vikings to a 7-3 record while he was the starter and got them back in position to win the NFC North before he was knocked out of a game at Detroit because of a back injury. Frerotte reportedly suffered two transverse process fractures, one at Tampa Bay and another at Detroit.

Frerotte said he won't need any treatment or procedures on his back in the offseason.

"It's all healed up now," he said. "I haven't had any treatment in a week and a half or two weeks. It feels pretty good."

Frerotte said it was difficult to watch the game and not be able to contribute.

"Like I told Coach (Childress), I want to be the guy that's out there," Frerotte said. "It's hard to sit back. Any professional wants to be out there and play with these guys. Obviously I'm a pro, and you're going to do whatever you can to help Tarvaris and help the team, but you want to be the guy out there that's facing the bullets."

Frerotte said he believes Sunday's game will be a "good learning experience" for starter Tarvaris Jackson.

"Any time you get to the playoffs and you lose a playoff game, it's tough, especially at home," Frerotte said. "We had the fans going, and everything we put into it all year. You have a good team and good players on the team. It was a hard loss."

Sharper injured: Vikings strong safety Darren Sharper was injured with about 11 minutes left in the second quarter. He left the game and returned for one play before limping off the field with a high ankle sprain. He was replaced by Tyrell Johnson.

"He was all set to go in the second half, and it wouldn't work for him at the level that he would've liked to have it work," Childress said. "Tyrell did a nice job coming in there.

Author:Fox Sports
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Added: January 5, 2009

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