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News » Schein's Nine: Best Super Bowl nuggets

Schein's Nine: Best Super Bowl nuggets

Schein's Nine: Best Super Bowl nuggets
Legendary plays. Heart-stopping moments. Horrible calls. An unprecedented sixth Super Bowl for the Steelers.

This Super Bowl had it all.

Guys and goats

Then there's the actual play.

Think about everything he did.

For Harrison to confuse Kurt Warner at the 2-yard line, drop back into coverage after faking a blitz, catch the ball, run full speed down the field, have the savvy not to hand the ball to cornerback Deshea Townsend who was begging for it, use his athleticism and power to break three potential tackles while hugging the sideline and not stepping out of bounds, ALL WITH NO TIME LEFT IN THE HALF, it was a play that had everything.

And how about the ability for Harrison to actually get into the end zone by a hair?

Pittsburgh needed those points, as it turned out.

It's not hyperbole. That's an all-time great play.

6. Coached up

Townsend gave us a great nugget on the play when he joined us on Sirius NFL Radio on Monday. Townsend said Mike Tomlin made sure the team practiced setting up blocks on interception returns all week long.

That's vintage Tomlin.

This Super Bowl win couldn't happen to a better guy in someone who truly appreciates the Rooney family and the Steelers fans and what Pittsburgh stands for.

And I want to give Ken Whisenhunt the appropriate kudos for having his team rally from a double-digit deficit.

This team never flinched until the very end. It didn't fold after the Harrison play. When the Cards committed three personal foul penalties on one drive, they still had the resolve to keep Pittsburgh out of the end zone with Gabe Watson and Darnell Dockett making big plays.

It was a wonderful season for Whisenhunt and the Cardinals. Being around the players and staff all week, the culture has changed. The Cards are no longer who you thought they were.

7. Hall of a game

It drove me nuts during the week leading up to the game when guests on our Sirius NFL Radio show would say Kurt Warner's legacy and Hall of Fame potential would be based on the result of the Super Bowl.

That was a foolish, blanket statement.

Warner made a huge mistake on the Harrison touchdown. But he had a sensational game.

Even in a loss, Warner's 377 yards and three touchdowns, in conjunction with his stellar season leading the Cardinals to this improbable run to Super Bowl, adds get strength to his Hall of Fame resume.

8. Fitz factor

John Madden was all over it on Sunday night.

Where was Larry Fitzgerald in the first three quarters before he exploded in the fourth?

Sure, Ike Taylor, Troy Polamalu and Co. doubled him. But Fitz was beating double teams all tournament long. You have to let him work his magic.

9. Perspective

I thought the Super Bowl was incredible and drama filled. But greatest ever? No way. I'm not even sure it was the greatest Super Bowl the Steelers participated in.

I'd argue perhaps the greatest fourth quarter of all time with the Cards coming back from a 13-point deficit. The safety on the Justin Hartwig hold in the end zone was huge. Warner to Fitzgerald for 64 yards was heart-stopping. Ben's comeback was classic.

But the game was a bit choppy over the first three quarters, with too many penalties, bad calls, and neither team running effectively.

The Giants over New England and Denver beating Green Bay (so underrated as a Super Bowl) were better actual games.

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: February 4, 2009

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