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News » Second guesses: Cardinals should be embarrassed

Second guesses: Cardinals should be embarrassed

Second guesses: Cardinals should be embarrassed
I don't know how you feel about the Arizona Cardinals, but do they look like a playoff team? I know it's hard to live and play in Phoenix where the weather is ideal this time of year, but shouldn't professionals put up a better fight than what the Cardinals displayed Sunday in Foxboro?

The Patriots wiped them out. Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt wisely sat star receiver Anquan Boldin, but maybe he should have sat Kurt Warner and a bunch of others, too. The way they played it looked like they were all sitting this one out, totally disinterested.

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The Cardinals were a great story two weeks ago when they clinched the NFC West, securing their first home playoff game since the franchise was located in Chicago back in 1947. If I was the NFL, I would take the game away from them. They are embarrassing themselves and the league.

Does anybody believe they will beat the Cowboys or the Falcons in the playoffs? Yes, they beat St. Louis to clinch, but before and after that glorious day, they have allowed the Eagles 48 points, the Vikings 35 points and the Patriots 47 points. They can't run the ball and they can't defend the run. For as long as I've been covering pro football, those two generally go hand-in-hand.

There is no way that Kurt Warner has a shot at the MVP award. And let me say that Matt Leinart looked totally disinterested in playing Sunday. Something is wrong here and the Cardinals better be worried.

True, Leinart doesn't like it that Warner is starting, but he sure didn't help his cause. If I'm the Cardinals, I'm trading Leinart and going after New England quarterback Matt Cassel, who passed for 345 yards and three touchdowns in the same snow showers. If the Cardinals do that, and maybe figure out a way to give Boldin a new deal, they may have a real future.

Zorn yields 'worst' title to Reid

OK, if Jim Zorn calls himself the "worst coach in America," just what does that make Eagles coach Andy Reid? Zorn beat Reid, when the Eagles simply had to win and put the Cowboys out of the playoffs. Now, the Cowboys can take the Eagles out of the playoff picture by beating them next Sunday in Philadelphia. How wacky is all this?

The Redskins celebrated like they were still alive for the playoffs, but they weren't. The Falcons won in Minnesota and officially eliminated them. Zorn still has a lot of work to do with his offense, but with a healthy defense they totally dominated Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook and whatever offensive scheme Reid had in mind.

On McNabb's final throw, he completed a 17-yarder to Reggie Brown, but Washington defenders Fred Smoot and LaRon Landry kept him out of the end zone, two feet short of the goal line. It was a tremendous play by the Redskins, and the Eagles couldn't line up in time as the clock ticked off the final seconds.

Yes, a frustrating loss for the Eagles, who will spend the offseason wondering about what could have been had they beaten the Bears and not tied the Bengals. Philadelphia should have won those games and then this Washington loss wouldn't have been such a big deal. It was a good win for Zorn, but a very tough defeat for Reid. For sure, talk radio in Philly will be asking for Reid and McNabb to part ways or leave town.

Singletary deserves better talent

Say what you want about Mike Singletary, the man is the genuine article. Singletary probably wanted to pull quarterback Shaun Hill, who had an awful first half against the Rams, but he stuck with him and Hill delivered two touchdown passes, one to ex-Ram Isaac Bruce in the final minutes to seal the deal in St. Louis.

In his postgame remarks, Singletary's voice broke and he sounded like he might cry after his team's 17-16 victory, the fourth one since he replaced Mike Nolan. There are some observers who see and dissect Singletary and find him too simple to be a real long-term solution for the 49ers. But we all know it's about the players. You need great players to win championships. The 49ers don't have enough of those, but what they do have are playing very, very hard for Singletary and his coaching staff.

It may be personal pride within the locker room, but we all know that's what Singletary is all about. That's the way he was as a player. Indeed, Singletary is learning on the job to be a head coach. He failed before in the interview process at his alma mater, Baylor, but he has come back to prove worthy of one more year in San Francisco.

When the 49ers were collecting Super Bowls, they had Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, two of the greatest players at their position in the history of the game. Frank Gore is one of their best players today and he didn't even dress Sunday. The 49ers should focus on getting Singletary some players, the kind of men he played with in Chicago and the kind that made San Francisco champions in the 1980s.

Broncos in deep trouble

The Denver Broncos are choking. They lost at Mile High to the previously bungling Buffalo Bills and now they must travel to San Diego next Sunday. They were awarded their victory over the Chargers back in Week Two by referee Ed Hochuli, and now they have to beat the Chargers for real in order to win the AFC West.


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Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: December 22, 2008

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