Under the Bleachers: Dawkins will be missed

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Brian Dawkins: Requiem for a Pro-Bowl Safety

In which we shed copious tears for the nonsensical loss of a 13-year Philly defensive institution, eat multiple cheese-steak hoagies, and curse Andy Reid repeatedly. So in other words, just like most days in Philadelphia.

Let Franchise Players Retire with Dignity

Did we mention we're mourning the loss of Brian Dawkins? Well, we still are. And Fred Taylor, Derrick Brooks, Brett Favre and all the other stars booted unceremoniously off the teams they gave their lives to. What would the Packers have lost by keeping Favre around another year? Oh, never mind.

Exclusive Insider Info on Free Agency Season!

Our spies throughout the league have collected the most insightful, ridiculous quotes made during free agency. From Belichick to Goodell to Al Davis. How deep undercover did they have to go for these scoops? Let's put it this way: It's just plain nasty.

Econ 101: The Pats Traded Vrabel and Cassel for This

Sure, maybe get a second-round pick for Cassel -- but for Cassel and Vrabel? All that cheating must have eaten away at Belichick's brain. But turns out it's not so simple. Why? Money. Damn this recession! First our jobs, and now our football?

The Ten Worst Free Agent Signings of All Time

What do Jeff Garcia, Larry Brown and Neil O'Donnell have in common? Hint: It has something to do with playing football, making lots and lots of money, and heart-breaking disappointment. Ah, Schadenfreude. You may be German, but we love you anyway.

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Added: March 2, 2009